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The following trick can be very useful. It involves putting red onion chopped into quarters into water when cooking boiled chicken breasts. This will make the meat turn pink and seem much more delicious. Onion peel is also excellent for preparing soup because it will improve both the flavor and appearance. There are also many other uses of onions which you can read below.


The onions perfectly removes carbon deposits in pots, pans and grill screens! To get rid of the dirt, scrub the dishes with a freshly cut onions. Then rinse well with water and dish washing detergent. The onion juice beautifully neutralizes the burnt odor and cleans the surface! To avoid that the half of the onions does not dry out, as is usually the case, place it on a saucer with the cut part on the salt.

Onions juice is able to remove sweat stains from clothing! Apply the juice to the stain, let it act for a short time, then wash it as usual. You will be pleasantly surprised to see that yellowing disappears!

The onions is a powerful tool against mosquitoes, ants and other insects. Pour into a bowl with water, an onions cut into rings. Insects will stay away from this place!
Onions help to cope with dirt from the surface of the shoe. With them you can clean the sole, the fabric and even the leather. Eliminate even the tough spots of grass!
Due to its anti-bacterial properties, the onions helps in insect bites and relieves irritation and inflammation of the skin.


A decoction of the onions shell relieves sore throat and reduces inflammation. You can drink it with honey, it is a very effective means! The medicinal properties of the onions are countless! From the onion paste, you can make a mask for oily skin: The onions will act as an oppressive on the sebaceous glands. The skin dries, and the inflammation disappears.
The water with onion peels acts very well on the scalp: it eliminates the dandruff, adds volume to the hair and strengthens its growth. It is recommended to rinse the hair with this solution, after using the conventional shampoo!

The healing properties of the onions are known by all, but many do not consume onions due to the odor. It is interesting to know that the smell of the onions or garlic disappears, if you then eat some nuts or almonds. They perform better than any mouth-waterer, and are very useful!

If you dry the onions in small pieces, you can add them as a natural flavoring for pies and pies, which are not sweet! Place a piece of onions in a sack of flour, and it will acquire an appetizing aroma. Homemade bread, bread rolls and salty tarts will be delicious.