Spray This Simple Mixture and You Will Never See Ants in Your Home Again!


Worth trying!

Together with beautiful summer days also arrive the unwanted guests everywhere in our home – the ants.

The Stanford University has conducted a study that the main reason for the presence of ants in our home is the weather conditions.

They are not very easy to get rid of, and the products that we use to eliminate them are full with different chemicals.

The National Library of Medicine’s Toxicology Data Network states that the Raid Ant & Roach Spray has two active ingredients, and one of them is cypermethrin, and if you get exposed to it, it can cause shortness of breath, cough and congestion and even asthma and wheezing.

Also numerous commercial insecticides contain as their main ingredient a nerve agent that has the power to interrupt the nervous system when it gets into direct contact with insects, and you can only imagine what it is capable of doing to humans.


But luckily there is a natural alternative to all these dangerous chemicals used in insecticides – the peppermint essential oil.

All you have to do is just spray peppermint essential oil in your home and the places where there are ants. The ants are repelled from the scent of this oil, so you will be safe from them.

Here is the recipe for this natural and highly efficient ant repellent:


  • 30 drops of clove essential oil
  • 30 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • 4 oz of water


Take one bottle with a sprayer and pour all the ingredients in it and mix them well. Then spray the area with the ants. You can do this anytime you need.