7 Signs Your Partner Is Sleeping With Someone Else


Many people have been heart-broken by their partner who has cheated on them. Since this occurs much more often than you may think, many people don’t trust their partners in a relationship which can cause problems without a cause being present.

That is why it is of a big importance to maintain balance in that relationship and what we mean by maintaining balance? –We mean that you should not be in doubt about your partner the whole time, only if you notice some strange and negative things that your partner has started doing. And you should not argue immediately if you are not sure about it.

And in order to find out whether your partner is sleeping with someone else you should pay attention to some of the following signs:

  1. New things in bed – It can be a good thing, that your partner have read about a new thing that you can try out in your bed, or some friend told about it so your partner wants to surprise you. But in some cases it can mean a bad thing – your partner has learned that from sleeping with somebody else.
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  3. Random gifts – Yes everyone wants gifts but in some cases the reason for the gift is not love, but trying to cover something up.
  4. Taking a shower immediately after they get home – If you notice that lately your partner after work immediately goes to take a shower, than it can be indicator that the partner wants to hide something from you – another person’s scent.
  5. Pay extra attention to their looks – If lately your partner is paying more attention to their looks and the way they dress, then something is wrong and you should find out what is the reason for that. Also if they are paying more attention to grooming, they definitely are seeing with somebody else.
  6. Taking too long to answer texts – If you start waiting for your partner to text you back much longer than before, it can mean something bad. Also if you notice that your partner added a secret to lock his/her phone then you should better ask her/him why she/he has done that.
  7. Less often initiation of closeness – If your partner reduces or stops initiating lovemaking relations with you, then it can be a sign that your partner is getting the pleasure elsewhere.
  8. Continually working late – One of the oldest excuses and you have seen this in many movies. But if your partner lately has started to work late and to spend more time at work it can be indicator for something else. You can find if your partner is really working late only if you call the boss.