Chatty 2-year-old baby “converses” with dad, dad’s counterarguments have the internet rolling


Young kids have a knack for saying the most hilarious things. Everything they say can make it difficult not to crack up

Meanwhile, babies who are still in their babbling baby talk stage can be impossible to interpret, and yet they are just as hilarious when you try to talk to them.

This video perfectly exemplifies this situation. While dad was outside taking care of the drying laundry, his son came up and began talking to his dad from the other side of the door.

As the baby converses with his dad he starts to have a lot of body language, pointing his finger all around their home and babbly expressing himself.

At one point, the baby has his finger pointed behind him towards his mother who is filming and his dad says to him, “Yes, she’s a slave driver and it’s a good thing you know that now.”


As soon as he says that, there is a look of pure shock on the baby’s face as he turns and looks at his mother – it’s almost as if he actually understood his father!

Throughout the video, the father has a debate over things like moving out and needing to do the laundry.

This baby boy does not miss a beat and patiently waits to respond with his dramatic babbles until his dad is finished speaking.

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