According To Psychiatrists, Couples Who Argue Actually Love Each Other More


Arguments are an inevitable part of every relationship. However, it is very important how you get over them and how you work things together with your partner. At the beginning of the relationship things are always nice and smooth but it is impossible to grow as a couple without having an occasional argument. In fact, psychiatrists have discovered that regularly having constructive arguments is a very good sign that you are still in love with your partner.

Theoretically speaking, an argument is a conversation between two people who are expressing opposing points of view. In this kind of situation, both people are honestly demonstrating their personalities and principles through the use of words that are being directed to another person. Yes, a lot of people think that relationships should always be an uninterrupted honeymoon stage wherein, couples usually smile, kiss, laugh and even hold each other’s hands. People get flustered whenever they begin those kinds of stages in life and start to step into the reality of love and relationships. They are being forced to put it to an idea that not everything is going to go as smoothly as people always want it to be. As a human, people have that tendency to make some compromises and they are going to have some concessions, too.

It is through these kinds of acts of compromising and giving away wherein people truly show themselves and also to get better sights about the personalities of the people that they usually go with. In addition, due to having a better understanding about each other, people are being granted the tools of movement to love each other in ways that they never have experienced or done before. Relationships are just like muscles in bodybuilding. It may take a lot of damages and break before it can actually happen and build something that is greater and stronger. Relationships are always a learning process and it would be too foolish and prideful to say otherwise.

Nevertheless, like most of the things in life, there should always be a balance of things. While arguments can be good for a relationship, people should be informed that not all argument can actually carry the same weight. There are the good necessary types of arguments that couple needs to have and there are also unnecessary ones. In order to go along with it, there are appropriate and more productive ways to argue as opposed to narrow and negative manners of argumentation. If people are going to argue inside their relationship, they have to do it in a healthy and a civil manner in order to maintain the chemistry and bond in the union.


You have to be careful with your usage of words all the time.

Words have the power to either become a penetrating sword of a gentle blow. You must make an extra effort to watch yourself in the things that you say so that you will never end up saying something that you are going to regret later on. Always try to stay on the topic whenever you are arguing about something and you need to make sure to never bring up past arguments. Make an extra effort in listening to each other’s point and wait on the right opportunity to tell your own. Moreover, when you find that you are being too unreasonable and inconsistent in your arguments, never be afraid to admit that you have done wrong.
If at some point during the argument where things begun to get too personal, you have to take a break and grab a short moment to recollect yourselves.

You have to learn how to manage your anger better and deal with the argument in a more positive manner.

There are times where arguments get so heated that they become destructive more than they should be. When you can already feel that the heat is getting there, then take a breath and pause for a while. Always make an effort to place yourself in the shoes of your partner. Yu will never really understand them if you don’t agree to see things on their own perspective. You need to understand that view of the world is not necessarily going to be true or as you want it to be.

Communicate openly with one another and try to always remember that the main goal here is for the both of you to become happy.

And in order to become really happy, you have to settle things first and understand each other fully. Always do your all to remain level headed at all times during an argument. You will never want your emotions to get the best of you because it is the major ingredient for a catastrophe. Make sure to have a sound and reasonable arguments. If the topic became too sensitive, then it is even more essential for you to keep your emotions in hand. The goal of an argument is not to hurt each other, but rather, to learn and reconnect with each other in a kind of way that you haven’t done before.

Last but definitely not the least; maintain a sense of grace, class and dignity during your arguments. Never resort to name-calling, teasing, yelling or even profanities. You have to act like adults regarding these things. You can’t actually afford to become immature if you want to save your relationship. No successful relationships have even been built on the personalities of two immature people. It should be built with strength of love and your determination to overcome any obstacles together.