People With Diabetes Should Avoid These 20 Foods


In case you were diagnosed with diabetes you know how important it is to pay attention to what and how much you eat every day. And probably the first thing your doctor told you is that you must not eat foods that are rich in sugar.

However, avoiding foods that are rich in sugar can sometimes be very tricky. There are foods that you may consider healthy but they are actually loaded with sugar and fats. You are also familiar with the fact the sugar and carbs can increase the blood glucose which is why you should avoid foods that are rich in them.

To help you out, we prepared a “menu” of 20 kinds of food you should not eat if you are a diabetic.

1. Dried Fruit

Many people think this food is very healthy. Actually, it contains a lot of nutrients and fiber. However, these fruits are not really useful for diabetes type 2.
Since the fruit has to be dry, it dehydrates, and the fructose gets very high. Even though we admit that it is much healthier than chocolates and cookies, but the blood sugar will lift.
After all, take care of yourself and eat fresh fruit, for instance, strawberries and grapefruit.

2. Bread, Rice, and White Flour

Diabetics know how to be careful with sugar intake. Anyway, most of them do not pay attention of carbohydrate intake. This is very bad! As an example, carbs that are not good, like rice, pasta, and bread (white flour), affect the organism just like the sugar.
In short, they affect the levels of glucose in your blood. Nonetheless, you should not stop consuming carbs, but eat those that are healthier. For example, you should eat corn, brown rice, and cereal, that will help you control the bad carbohydrates.

3. Dairy Products High in Fat

Dairy products contain a lot of satiated fat which is not good. It heightens the LDL cholesterol, the bad one. Also, you are at risk of getting a heart condition.
If you are a diabetic, you should avoid ice cream, cream cheese, and full-fat yogurt. These fats can cause you another problem – make your organism to be more resistant to insulin. Nevertheless, you are not supposed to avoid dairy products, but to consume those that are low or fat-free.

4. Meats High in Fat

The reason behind avoiding these meats it is the same as avoiding dairies. Your cholesterol can get higher, and you can get a heart condition. Also, you can get an inflammation in your whole body. Instead of eating these meats, try eating good protein such as chicken, turkey, fish and so forth.

5. Those Delicious Pastries

Pastries are delicious and hard to resist on. Muffins, doughnuts, cinnamon rolls contain white flour and as you know is high in fat, carbohydrates, and sugar. So, avoid them! Since, they contain a lot of sodium, even horrible trans fatty acids; everything is much worse. If you cannot give up on them, at least ask for those that are fat-free and sugar-free.
Nonetheless, the best thing to do is to make your own pastries at your home. Making them at home is safer because you know the ingredients, and you can take care to be healthier.

6. Well-known Fried Foods

Well, you already know that these foods are not smart a choice for anyone, especially not for diabetes type II. Food such as fried chicken, potato chips, and French fries, are cooked in a lot of oil. Besides, they are very unhealthy, contain a lot of needless calories.
Moreover, many fast food restaurants fry the food in oil that is hydrogenated, meaning high in trans fats.
As a tip, you have to avoid consuming these foods as much as it is possible.

7. Alcoholic Drinks

There is some not so nice news for diabetics. You should not drink alcohol because of intervening with your blood sugar levels. Anyway, you can consult your doctor about the tolerated dose of alcohol.
People have to drink alcohol at some wedding or any other social event, just out of courtesy. However, even then you need to be careful how much you drink.
And it is the best to drink one glass if you are a woman, and two glasses if you are a man. To be precise, 12 ounces of ale, 5 ounces of wine, and like half an ounce of liquor.

8. Fruity Juices

People with diabetes can eat raw food thanks to their healthy carbohydrates and fibers. Although, the fruit juice is not that healthy. It is healthier than soda, but still. These juices contain a lot of fructose which gets the blood sugar extremely high.
When you need something to freshen you up, choose natural mineral water.


9. Foods with a Lot of Sugar

To the group of carbs of low quality belong candies, sodas, and sweet desserts. These contain high quantities of sugar. They just heighten your blood sugar and are not very nutritive.
Since we are all humans and we have sugar need sometimes, when it happens, we should go for raw fruit.

10. Cereals

Some see cereals as a very healthy and quick breakfast. Anyway, you should do better research. When you do, you will find out that they contain extra sugar to be tastier. We do not say that you should stop eating cereals.
We advise you to check it out for any plus sugar or dried fruits before you decide to buy.

11. Energetic Bars

As you know, carbohydrates and sugar are sources of energy that you need. So, sports bars or energy bars are okay, but diabetics need to be careful.
You should always go for bars with protein and carbohydrates before choosing those with a lot of sugars and fats.

12. Bananas and Melons

As you know, a good number of fruits are rich in healthy carbohydrates, vitamins, and fiber. That is what you need for a healthy lifestyle.
Yet, fruits like melons and bananas consist of a lot of sugar which can raise the blood sugar. Some stone fruits like peaches can affect your glucose levels. However, many other fruits are there for you to enjoy them.

13. The Popular Blended Coffee

Two or more kinds of coffee blended became popular lately. Even though they are tasty, it is good to know they are high in sugar, syrup, whipped cream, and frosting. As you know, these are filled with sugars and fats.
Those of you who have caffeine needs may satisfy them by choosing the sugar-free with low-fat milk. It may not be that delicious, but your body will appreciate it.Meats that are processed

14. Meats That Are Processed

It is easier for the vegetarians since then do not eat meat. Processed meats are packed with excess sodium which makes them unhealthy. If you have a diabetes type II, you are risking to get a heart attack if you consume this kind of meats. Always ask for meats containing lower content of sodium.
In addition, it is better for you not to choose sauces high in carbohydrates and fats. A better choice would be to ask for spinach, mustard, or cucumbers.

15. Smoothies Not Prepared at Home

Smoothies became very popular as a healthy drink. Yet, if you buy smoothies in the supermarket, you cannot know what is in there. Most of them contain extra sugar which makes smoothies not that healthy.
Also, they are put in a huge cup, and it is actually a full meal or precisely a dessert.
Since people with diabetes need to pay attention of what they consume, the best choice is to prepare smoothies at home. This way, you will know what ingredients you add to your smoothie.

16. Chinese Food

Your favorite food to go is not healthy for people with diabetes. It is tasty, but high in carbohydrates, sodium, fats, and calories. It can heighten your glucose levels and keep them high for a while.
The favorites are sour and sweet foods consist of sauces with sugar, same as, for example, orange chicken.

17. Water with Flavor

Flavored water is thought-out a healthier choice than soda, but it contains extra sugar and carbs. It can still heighten the blood sugar, and diabetics should avoid this water.

18. Pizza

The first place of preferred fast food belongs to pizza. It is delicious, but rich with calories even in just one small slice. You should not stop eating pizza, but it is better if you prepare it at home using healthier ingredients.

19. Mexican Nachos

Americans love Nachos even though they are from Mexico. They are a tasty snack but consists of a lot of calories, carbohydrates, and fats. It is clear that they should not be on the menu for people with diabetes.

20. Hamburgers in Restaurants

Even though hamburgers are one of the top favorite foods of the Americans, diabetics should not eat them. It consists satiated fats which raise the cholesterol.
Nonetheless, do not get sad. The American Heart Association recommends you to consume up to 7% satiated fats on a daily basis.

How do this? Ask the chef of the restaurant or look at the information about the nutritional value of food.

When you learn these tips, your life with diabetes can be much easier.
Finally, the important thing to do to maintain your blood sugar under control is to hear what your body says.