The Impossible Love Between Tupac And Madonna. The Famous Gangsta Rap Artist Explained Why They Couldn’t Be Together


Did you know that Tupac Shakur and Madonna were dating? Well, if you didn’t know about that, it is not wondering because Tupac tried to hide this relationship carefully. No, he wasn’t afraid of paparazzi or was ashamed of his new girlfriend. The reason was his career and rap image.


Their relationship began very fast and was very strong. Nevertheless, Tupac understood he was a famous gangsta rap artist and his image didn’t allow him to date a white girl. For him, it was okay to be in relationships with Madonna, but he felt constant pressure from his fans and those people who made him.



Tupac said: “I felt due to my ‘image’ I would be letting down half of the people who made me what I thought I was.” This relationship was impossible for him because it was ruining his inner world. Tupac was the prisoner of the situation and he couldn’t let down his fans and those people who helped him to become who he was. So, he finally decided to break up with Madonna.

When he was in prison he wrote letters to Madonna where he asked to understand him and forgive. He couldn’t act in another way, though he loved her with all his heart.