Woman Sees A 9-Year Old Boy Who Was Studying In The Street. What She Did Next Will Make You Cry


Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t have an access to basic human needs. Especially it concerns the third-world countries. But just one simple action can change someone’s life. You will be amazed when you hear the touching story of a little boy from the Philippines.

One day a 20-year old medical technology student Joyce Torrefranca was walking down the street when she saw something that made her stop. It was a 9-year old Daniel Cabrera, who was doing his homework in the light of a McDonald’s. It was so touching that Joyce started to cry. She decided to make a picture of this boy and post it online. It became viral right away.



People started to send donations to Daniel and his family. It turned out that he lives with his two young siblings and his mother in her employer’s stall. His dad died in prison, and their old house burnt down a couple of years ago.


But now everything changed in Daniel’s life. People fundraised an educational scholarship, and now he can pursue his dream of studying. That is how one single act can change someone’s life.